The Coaching engine to

transform habits and change lives

Habits transformation coaching is based on the principle of building a better life through positive, progressive and meaningful habits.

The aim is to build habits that enable the individual to live positively, overcome the challenges in life and be less of a victim. The coach takes the client on a well-structured journey to become stronger than the challenges they face.

How It Works

Shadowmatch provides a coaching platform that can be used by coaches.

The coaching system is based on the principle of strengthening or reconstructing the habits of a person to adjust and enjoy success and improved quality of life. The system provides coaching content based on the habits of the individual. It also provides coaching guidelines and training enabling the coach to provide a professional service in these areas:

  • Career Coaching
  • Study Method Coaching
  • Fulfilment Coaching
  • Personal Development Coaching

What You Get

As a coach you get the following:

  • A Personalized Coaching Landing Page
  • Training Content
  • Marketing Material
  • Coaching Content
  • An Automated Coaching System
  • Reports and Coaching Guidelines
  • A Client Progress Monitoring System
  • Monthly Webinars for Coaches
  • An Opportunity to Earn Commission


The principle is that of building a coaching practice similar to the business concept of a franchise.

A monthly subscription fee is charged for system usage. The monthly fee is based on the number of active coaching programmes.

As a coach you can decide how many active programmes you need and pay accordingly. The minimum number of programmes to sign up for is 1.